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2018 LC
RC 200 t
2015 LF-SA Concept
2015 RX
2014 RC F
2014 NX
2013 LS 600h
2013 IS 300h
2012 LS 460h
2012 RX
2011 CT 200h
2010 LFA

  Lexus RC 200 t

EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)1.998 cm³ (86,0 mm * 86,0 mm)
Compression ratio10,0 : 1
ChargingTurbo, Intercooler
Engine controlDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, inlet/exhaust control
Mixture formationManifold/direct injection
Torque350 Nm at 16500-4400 rpm
Performance180 kW (245 HP) at 5800 rpm
CO2-emission166-168 g/km
Transmission8-speed converter automatic
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
Wheelbase2.730 mm
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone/multilink
BrakesDisks, ventilated
SteeringGear rack, servo, electromechanical
Length4.695 mm
Width1.840/2069 mm
Height1.395 mm
Drag coefficient0,285
Luggage compartment423 litres
Tank capacity66 litres
Kerb weight1.675 - 1.725 kg incl. driver
Top speed230 km/h
ManufacturedFrom 2015

Actually, the matching Gran Turismo to the very sporty RC F is the RC 350, gentle and soft, even just a bit louder if you push it. The RC 350 can also be had in other continents with a six-speed automatic gearbox, four- wheel drive and a steerable rear axle. Thereof is no more talk, case of the new RC 200t, offered in Germany from 2016. This makes a complete turnabout.

Then, while the other two are powered by a 5 litre suction-V8, or a 3,5 litre suction engine with 375 Nm of torque and 225 kW (306 HP), this one has a 2-liter turbo. Indeed, if that's not enough, it has also been fitted with the 8-speed automatic transmission from the two bigger ones. One could of course, be chuffed about the oversizing, however, have a quick look at the tare-weight. The pictures by the way, are all of the 350.

This of course, doesn't alter the fact that here, we're dealing with Lexus quality. There's not one point concerning the interior, that can be criticised. The rest of the car also gives the impression of solidity. The engine presents itself as state-of-the-art technology with complete valve-control, twin-scroll charger, exhaust manifold inside the cylinder head and two complete injection systems. Thanks to Atkinson, it makes a lot of effort to be thrifty, indeed, the CO2-emission values appear to put an end to that. 08/15

At least have a look at the first video.