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2015 LF-SA Concept
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  Lexus LF-SA Concept

Lexus was celebrating with this concept car its 25th birthday last year. However, the first Lexus LS400 from 1989 was a five metres long luxury saloon car with 4 litres engine. The concept presented here shall be a city car with just under 3.5 m length (width: 1.70 m, height: 1.43 m). So the requirements change.

It does not look really like a compact car for the city, rather like a mini SUV with coupe roof, which, surprisingly enough, on the current popularity charts ranks pretty high up. Yes, the 'spirit of adventure', desired by Lexus, is clearly noticeable. Who would like to drive only to the office with such a car?

Whether, however, the space flight reflects in the bodywork and the 'silver of stars' this is perhaps exaggerated. But if one disregards the compulsion to the always similiar front at Lexus, then the flanks and the rear are really exciting enough. Incidentally, the roof slopes only visually strong rear. To produce this car in somewhat more moderate form, would certainly be a better idea than the of Aston Martin with the Cygnet.

This Lexus also has a smidgen from IQ, the Cygnet basis. Echoes can be found in the interior of this 2 + 2 seater. The dashboard, swinging forward on the passenger-side, gives more freedom of movement there. By the way, the front passenger seat can be moved, while at the driver's seat, the pedal mechanism and the steering wheel are adjustable. 08/15