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Opel Kadett GSI

Opel Kadett GSI 2,0 catalyst
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1.998 cm³
Bore * stroke86,0 mm * 86,0 mm
Compression ratio10,0 : 1
Engine controlOHC (toothed belt), hydraulic tappets
Mixture preparationMulti-point injection, lambda control, catalyst
Tank capacity52 litres
Torque180 Nm at 4600 rpm
Performance95 kW (130 HP) at 5600 rpm
Drive trainEngine, transversal with front drive
Front suspensionMcPherson spring strut
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle, mini bloc springs, anti-roll bar
SteeringGear rack
Brakes f/rDiscs, ventilated/drums, diagonal-two circuit, servo
Reifen185/65 HR 14
Wheelbase2.520 mm
Length3.998 mm
Width1.663 mm
Height1.400 mm
PayloadUp to 475 kg
Boot capacity390 - 1.000 litres
Kerb weightApprox. 1.000 kg + driver
Maximum speedApprox. 215 km/h
Year of manufactureFrom 1987
VariantsHatchback three/five door, cabriolet

With a drag coefficient of 0.30 it was elected to the world's best series vehicle in terms of aerodynamics. This applied probably mostly for the hatchback, which first appeared in GSI format. At these sporty models one took it probably not so amiss, that the body is not quite so clearly arranged and the rain gutters are missing.

The engine with 200 cc displacement had 11 kW (15 HP) more power now. It has been revised, but still has the lonely overhead camshaft with two valves (only) per cylinder. This was not a high-revving sports engine, as can be seen also in the video below, but still a very good usable drive, which already had much performance at lower speeds. From 1988 there was the Kadett GSI with the 16V engine of the Omega with 110 kW (150 HP).

Only wether to this temperament of driving belonged a rear spoiler about it you could argue. Certainly, at any rate, that it reduced the suitability for daily use. The chassis also focused more on sportiness than on comfort, what you should praise rather at a GSI. Furthermore, it should be pointed to the rear drum brakes and the fact that a simple Ford Escort already had ABS in those years.

This is the legendary display that was only in the GSI. By the way in very different versions. Here you can see the with the torque curve as a rev counter. Basically there were three small displays, of which the middle display still contains with digital speedometer a conventional odometer. One was obviously not yet able to save definitely the driven kilometres also with the battery disconnected for months. As you can see today, one returned again to the round instrument even with the tachometer. 08/14

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