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Battery Change

2015 Model X
2015 Model S P85D
2013 Model S
2008 Roadster

  Tesla Battery Change


'Americans one can tell a lot' they say in Europe sometimes, people from California maybe more. They are so proud of their factory for electric cars that the governor even appears to the presentation of the S P85D. It is inconceivable that the Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, for example, would appear to present a new G model from Mercedes.

The video above is a situation strangely manipulated. There is compared the fuelling process of an Audi (in USA is comparative advertising allowed) with the battery change of a Tesla Model S. As long, as shown in the film, the slowest petrol pump in USA does not need not to fill the tank of a big Audi. In addition, here the formalities of payment are already regulated, not in case of the alleged battery change.

But that's not the point. As you can see in the next video above, the batteries in all Tesla models are indeed arranged in a plane, but to the disadvantage of a possible battery change even on a flat surface that can not be opened from underneath. This is by no means detachable, but it is the backbone (chassis) of the car, joins as such front and rear axle together with the drive.

If you would modify such a model for possible battery changes, so considerable effort would be necessary, because the stability must not be lost during battery change, and could not be restored easily in the 90 seconds. In addition, the car is heavy enough ... 09/15