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  Tesla Model X

Basically, the substructure was already known by the model S P85D. Probably the only change in addition to the greater ground clearance is the slightly larger wheelbase, the then, perhaps together with more effectiveness, allows 5 kWh more battery charge. In the first video below you can see the common 4WD concept of S P85D and the X P90D.

Surprisingly, however, the rear door concept. It's in accordance with the seven seats. Although the were already possible in Model S, but rear just for kids against the direction of travel. Now, two adults can sit rear in direction of travel and Elon Monk has personally demonstrated how relatively easy it is to leave these seats thanks to the door concept.

This was more complicated than, for example with the Mercedes and AMG gullwings. Because a doorway should be possible even in tight parking spaces. By the much larger height of the X, the doors had to be executed in two parts. Also a continuous roof glazing is not possible now. The problem was solved cleverly by one up to the B-pillars drawn windshield. Let's see what the insurance premiums say to that. At least against collision with the garage ceiling, the doors are protected by sensors.

Driver's door opens automatically when approaching.

In any case, parents cheer because of easy placeability of their children (even slightly protected against rain). Also those will welcome the new electric car, who like to transport heavier loads, because after all, the X may pull approx. 2.5 tons. The term crossover is actually a bit misleading, because the car is available exclusively as an all-wheel. The term 'crossover' is actually a bit misleading, because the car is available exclusively as a four-wheel driven, although it looks less heavily built than other SUVs of this magnitude.

The delay, however, would be unacceptable for conventional vehicle manufacturers. 2012 the prototype was introduced, 2014, the launch was announced. Half of the first 500 2015 produced models have been delivered. It will be interesting how long it takes Tesla to come out of the red. After all, the company has produced 50,000 Model S as announced. With Faraday Future a competitor comes to CES in Las Vegas and Porsche is planning an all-electric car, too. 09/15

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