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Nissan Qashqai
EngineInline four-cylinder
Drive trainFront drive, transversal, all-wheel drive (optional with 1,6 dCi and manual transmission)
TransmissionManual six-speed, CVT-transmission
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMulti-link
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.646 mm
Length4.370 mm
Width1.800 mm
Height1.595 mm
Drag coefficient0,33
Purchase priceFrom 19.940 Euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2014

First, a side note. What is striking at Nissan, the intensive advertising with the now four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. Therefore one must presuppose a certain knowledge, namely that Renault is responsible for the engine of the Red Bull racing car and Nissan in principle is part of the Renault Group. Nevertheless weird that Vettel shall marketed a bit far away.

Let us turn to another type of success, but this time from Nissan itself. For Germans its name seems to be difficult to pronounce, but if it also much easier for English speaking people, however it sounds different almost at each person. Name or not, how to create the successor of a successful type? One smoothes more likely and takes not too much risks.

This is for the new rear view not bad. However, one might say heretical that after the period of the headlights moving to the A-pillar, now it's the turn of the rear lights. At Qashqai, the have almost reached the filler cap. For road safety it is rather more beneficial, because then the car is better to see from the side at night.

Also interesting the third side window. At eye level of the driver, the side window has the greatest extent rear. As I said, the side design is otherwise conventionally with two perfectly straight beads. There is only a certain fascination above the rear wheels, after all, in connection with the already mentioned taillights.

Apart from the growing amount of assistants not much new. The manufacturer indicates 40 kg less weight at almost 5 centimeter more external length. With changed equipment packages this is difficult to verify. We note that here, in order to count together all the declarations sometime, to see whether does not come out 0 kg kerb weight. But calmly, other manufacturers even specify significantly higher numbers.

Amazing how the real all-wheel will operationalized slowly away. This will at least clear with the opening offers of the Qashqai. Because it is available only with the most powerful diesel and manual transmission. Nissan also speaks logically only from a Crossover, one who pretends to be a SUV. Pity is the waste of space for the constructed space of four-wheel drive variant.

Although you do not need him on our paths, it is still technically interesting. Derived from the transverse engine, it distributes over a total of six multi-disc clutches, the torque not only from the front towards the rear, but also from left to right. However, it is set so that no more than 50 percent act on the rear axle. A front wheel drive also in the four-wheel mode.

The engines originates by Renault. And who knows that Renault is also connected with Mercedes, the takes, in order to play safe, the smallest diesel engine so available exactly in the new A-Class. It costs there, however, more than 5,000 euros (basic version) and has at the same torque 1 kW less.

Sensibly already but it is nevertheless amazing that the all-wheel drive version is not available in combination with the automatic transmission. Also the large diesel engines seem to be missing. The can still come, you mean. But usually newcomers are nevertheless rather offered with top facilities at the beginning. Or this is already the fear of future CO2 laws?

Interesting is the new 1.6-L turbo with direct petrol injection, which will be available in the Qashqai late next year. It seems as if the French engine manufacturer slowly wins again the contact to the recent engine development, no matter whether it builds the best F1 engines (itself) or not.

7-inch Touchscreen
Smartphone Integration
Voice Input
Traffic Sign Recognition
Emergency Brake Assistant
Lane Assistant
Blind Spot Assistant
Fatigue Detection
Extensive Parking Sensors

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