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2011 Nissan Leaf

The name 'Leaf' is probablysupposed to remind of the ecology of the forest.

The advantage of this car is also its disadvantage. It is namely to purchase for a fixed price and has not even initially the monthly cost of the battery. Nevertheless, you should put money aside in time, because it is assumed that the car survives by far at least the first battery.

Nissan promises 15 percent lower maintenance costs.

So, 34,000 € (without extras) laid on the table and you no longer need to the gas station. Instead of at least 6 € per 100 km as the cheapest diesel only just over 4 € are due, in the winter much more than in summer. The extra cost compared to a diesel vehicle you never catch up, but that's probably not the intention of the first electric car owners.

The radio sound has living room quality (auto TEST 1/2011).

One can not feed own energy from photovoltaic, in any case, in Germany this is technically impossible. But you can offset from your own supply, then come out completely different energy costs. But advantages of this type would be also by the photovoltaics without electric car.

One of the first electric cars with Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians up to 30 km/h.

Now, what are the advantages? Of course, the first in good conscience towards the environment, at least for the future. With the Nissan Leaf are due to the possibility of rapid charging theoretically possible up to 1600 km per day. With the others one comes without a quick charge only nearly 300 km.

Only the steering apparently feels artificial.

Interesting that for example Renault and Volvo settle accounts via battery rental and leasing, thus take themselves the risk of an early aging battery, for their vehicles provide no possibility for rapid charging. Whether there is a connection?

Size between Golf and Passat.

Otherwise, we know some about driving an electric car. One has the feeling of the constantly fully occupied car, but is nevertheless moving very good due to the specific torque characteristics. The location of the battery is at the Leaf optimally, it is still flat integrated into the floor.

The supply of fast charging stations is not remotely comparable to that of today.

This is an advantage of cars that have been specially newly designed for the electric drive. This of course includes the instruments however, it seems not to go without some futuristic gimmicks. However, the leaf as well as his colleagues, can recuperate only in Eco mode, the thus even more is advisable than recommended anyway.

The world's best-selling electric vehicle by the end of 2019 (Wikipedia).

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