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2009 Nissan Note

It is built at the Sunderland plant in the UK like so many Nissan models. Also by the cooperation with Renault and the common basis with the however shorter Renault Modus one may proceed from a thoroughly European product. Incidentally, the successor has a common platform with the Clio.

They have tried to conceal the steep tail, but it lifts off the Note from the touch of station wagons and the slightly larger height characterize him as a mini-van. At the front you notice nothing of a van, which probably keeps air resistance low. The load can be additionally increased by a sliding rear seat.

The 65 kW (88 hp) are sufficient for accerelace without particular hurry. Also from Renault there are the even more economical diesel engines. In 2009, the note undergoes both a slight visual revision at the front and a supplement to the safety equipment by rear airbags. 12/17

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