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Lotus History 4

Lotus LMU
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1498 cm³
ChargeCompressor (Shorrock)
Engine controlSV
Mixture preparationConstant-pressure carburetor
Valves2 per cylinder
Power33 kW (45 HP)
TransmissionManual three-speed
Front suspensionSwinging half rigid axles
Rear suspensionRigid axle, coil springs
BrakesDrums, mechanically
Kerb weight432 kg
Top speed144 km/h
Year of manufacture1952 - 1955

On 1 January 1952 Colin Chapman and Michael Allen establish the 'Lotus Engineering Company'. The workshop for the (partial) assembly of the Mark VI is located behind the hotel from Chapman's father in Hornsey (North London). A lot of enthusiastic, but unpaid helpers should have been involved. Chapman keeps his job at British Aluminium. The bodies are now made by Williams and Prichard, a small but fine company which is soon integrated into the Lotus Engineering.

A few houses further the company 'Progress Chassis Co.' resides, manufacturing the framework for the new car. Even the Austin engine, one finally be rid of. It is again driven with Ford engines. But since the car is sold as a kit for tax reasons, in principle each customer can install the (tuned) engine of his choice. And there are plenty of customers. Nevertheless a total of 110 pieces are sold of the Mark VI. In this case the boss can choose the fastest version for his participation in racing. 04/12               Top of page               Index
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