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1996 Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise is a mid-engined two-seater for not to tall people with almost as tight luggage space behind it. The entry must be made over high and wide spars of an aluminum chassis, which only refers to its stability. There is hardly a central tunnel. It is assembled by riveting and gluing and probably by welding.

It will later also be e.g. used in the Opel Speedster and Roadster, the first vehicle from Tesla. A fiberglass skin gives despite the convertible version the vehicle an unusually low curb weight. This may be matched by some, perhaps spartan, equipment, e.g. without power windows and electrical adjustment of the exterior mirrors.

As a concession to the sales in USA, an electric air conditioner is optional. The fabric roof can be stowed rolled up in the luggage compartment, the optional hardtop probably not. The weight reduction also has an effect on the lack of noise insulation, apparently not perceived as negative by owners.

After all, despite not excessive performance of the rover engine of the first series enormous performance is possible, as the first video below shows in the pursuit of a Ferrari. Even a power steering seems unnecessary. Their feedback from the roadway is, however, as well as the hardness of the suspension, sometimes perceived by testers as borderline. 04/18

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