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Land Rover

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  Jaguar F Type Coupe

Jaguar F Type
Displacement, bore * stroke
Compression ratio
TransmissionEight-speed automatic
Wheelbase2.622 mm
Turning circle10.660 mm
Wheels f/r245/45 ZR 18 (8,5") / 275/40 ZR 18 (9,5")
255/35 ZR 20 (8,5") / 295/30 ZR 20 (10,5")
Length4.470 mm
Width1.923/2.042 mm
Height1.308 mm
Loading volume329/407 litres
Payload428 kg
Kerb weight
Top speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Purchase price

One can start with the driving pleasure or the purchase price. Since the latter is probably more important compared with the first, is required here for two cylinders more a formidable much higher price at first glance, visually enhanced by skipping of the 100,000 euros. Now one must yet even remember the history, where Jaguar was considered a guarantee of good, but especially low-priced sports car.

Adaptive damping standard in the R Coupe

Even the sound is a challenge, meant is, of course, the of the V8 in Sport mode. Good thing that you have the choice to protect a little against the noise initially the neighbours and then the home city. And of course, we do the latest F-type wrong if you look at the difference in driving performances, because the performance is almost twice as high compared to the basic model.

After all, it stops only at 300 km/h to increase the speed what elsewhere sometimes means special effort. After all, it stops only at 300 km/h to increase the number of revolutions what elsewhere sometimes means special effort. However, for only rear-wheel drive cars, it seems to be a limit at eight cylinders with compressor, despite limited slip differential and 300 mm wide tyres. More does not really makes sense to use even on a road surface with a good grip.

Because it is not lightweight. Jaguar advertises with a unique torsional stiffness of the body. This is logical if one only puts a roof on the Cabrio. The R-Coupe is even 10 kg heavier than the corresponding convertible according to factory specification. However, this has now become common practice due to the relatively constant small series.

The trunk now has double capacity compared with the convertible, at least with tyre repair system. And just take a look at Figure 11 in order to see if you recognize middle vents for the heating/air conditioning. Nevertheless, they are available but only extend during use thereof. It is really still something special to drive Jaguar, and of course the huge price difference also has advantages. You can bask in the splendor of a super sports car with the basic model for a lot less money. 03/14

Options available even for R-type
Seat memory packet1.400 €
Seat memory packet 21.700 €
Leather seatsUp to 3.000 €
Roof-leather packet840 €
Bi-XenonUp to 2.270 €
Climate packet1.390 €
Comfort packet970 €
Panele-Paket400 €
Special steering wheelUp to 840 €
Foldable exterior mirrors525 €
Windscreen heating430 €
Performance-packet 3510 €
Praemium velours packet650 €
Navigation multimedia3.290 €
Sound system2.890 €
Wheels special designUp to 2.010 €
Floor mats packetUp to 400 €
Special colour belts200 €
Special coloursUp to 2.160 €
Ceramic brakes9.700 €
Rain sensor230 €
Winter tyres3.490 €
Sum total55.315 €