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Glas Isar

Glas Isar T 600/700
Displacement584/688 cm³
Bore * stroke72 * 72 / 78 * 72
Compression7,8 / 7,4 : 1
Mixture preparation2 carburetors / 1 carburetor (since 1959)
Torque37/49 Nm at 3000/3500 rpm
Max. power14/22 kW (19/30 HP)
Rated speed4800 / 4900 rpm
PowertrainFront engine with rear drive
ClutchSingle disc, dry
TransmissionFour speed (synchronised)
Wheelbase2000 mm
Front suspensionTransverse-/trailing links, telescop damper
Rear suspensionRigid axle, leaf spring, rubber springs, telescop dampers
Brakes f/rDrums, hydraulically
Tyres5.20 - 12 / 5.50 - 12
Length3455 mm
Width1470 mm
Height1380 mm
Tank capacity40 liter
Trunk350 liter
Basic weight650 kg / 720 kg (van-like)
Top speedApprox. 95/110 km/h
IntroductionIAA 1957
Manufactured1958 - 65
Sales price4660 / 7720 DM
VersionVan-like (+240 DM)
Electric system6 V / Dynastart

It should be the big Goggomobil and build on the successes of the small, but it is different. This car is in some respects between worlds. True American it can not, for this is only two meters wheelbase too small. Nevertheless, one tried it, with the corners drawn windshield, elaborate two-tone paint and broadband speedometer with integrated push-buttons.

It wants to be modern and ago by his appearance, compared with his contemporaries, it can keep up. Under the body looks different. The original planning is based on a forward-looking front-wheel drive, but you will not get out the undercarriage. It is due to too large top-heaviness that even after presentation one recognizes to rear-wheel drive. Because one adheres to the fully synchronized gearbox, the shift pattern is reversed.

There are not many vehicles with front engine and rear wheel drive in this class. And with a style similar to BMW motorcycles, air-cooled two cylinder boxer engine certainly not. The engine a little rough. After all, the interior heater works pretty well. Initially, the engine has two-Bing carburetor, which when they are correctly set produce good performance at a reasonable consumption. Not so in the Glas workshop network. So only a Solex carburetor for both cylinder banks.

The development phase is probably not what Hans Glas has imagined. Major changes are too hectic. And the dealers wait. After all, the car has been introduced and generated much interest in buying. Thus, the first buyers will be test drivers. Not only the loud, thirsty and in the beginning to cold injuries tending engine is criticized, but above all especially the water inleakage by the time unusual windshield.

It will all get gradually under control, but then the acceptance of the car has already suffered very much. Moreover it also stands by its type between the worlds, just on the way to a real car with a bit more space and displacement. At the end the engine will be even a symbol for maintenance of value, durable, successful in motor sports and equipped with warranty for years unlimited mileage. But it's no use at all, the sales figures break in. The somewhat major competitor out of the own house is already waiting in the wings.               Top of page               Index
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