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Glas Goggomobil Coupé

Get on board, but be careful, the taller you are. From about 1.90 m, you must follow a strict order, otherwise are tangles of limbs not excluded. But at least from 1957 it was possible to transport dry two adults and two children even with the coupe. It is with some more length and height something like the luxury version. His appearance is probably due to the amazingly high sales share of around 25 percent.

If you have taken your seat in a vehicle with Selectomat, you need not to look for a gear shift lever with the curious Z-scheme. You find a sort of joystick in the middle of the dashboard, which allows you to select the next gear. This will be inserted with the next kick on the clutch without large delay electromagnetically. Works wonderful when it works. Here then works not the usual shifting claw transmission, but also a from the motorcycles originating draw key transmission in which the gears are sequential (consecutive) arranged.

In the sedan, we show the demounted drive. Here he is in the assembled state visible. Far left even with slight coolig fins the tube to the two exhaust silencers, rear left and right in the engine compartment. On the engine itself is in the direction of motion left the cooling fan attached. It carries air through a conduit and several air shields from the rear to the normally fully enclosed cylinder. On the other hand of the engine the motorcycle carburetor, right the clutch lever. Under the carburetor then the differential gear with the two cardan joints outside.

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