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Glas 1304

Glas 1004/1204/1204/1304/1304 TS
EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement993/1189/1290 cm³
Bore * stroke72*61/72*73/75*73 mm
Compression-/-/-/9,3 : 1
Engine controlOHC (cambelt)
Torque-/-/-/108 Nm at 3000 rpm
Max. power31/39/51/44/63 kW (42/53/70/60/85 HP)
Rated speed-/-/-/-/5800 rpm
PowertrainFront engine with rear drive
ClutchSingle disc, dry
Front suspensionTransverse arm below, trailing left up, telescop damper, hollow rubber spring
SuspensionRigid axle, leaf spring, telescop damper, hollow rubber spring
Brakes f/rDrum
Tyres5.50 - 13
Length3830 mm
Width1500 mm
Height1370 mm
Tank capacity40 liter
Basic weight760 - 790 kg + driver
Top speed130/140/155/150/165
Manufactured1962 - 68
Sales price5850 - 7930 DM
VersionsSalon/sedan, van-like, coupe, convertible
Electric system6 V/77 Ah/200 W

Perhaps did promote the troubles with the Glas Isar the starting and for this reason the acceptance. Anyway, this car is directly designed as a front engine with rear-wheel drive. He even has the correct engine. There is a famous detail, the first used toothed belt to the overhead camshaft. He is not very quiet, but especially the variants still coming stand for power up to 63 kW (85 hp).

If you look at the still relatively simple chassis and the light weight, one can imagine it as a quick racer with some problematic driving behavior. The italian designer Pietro Frua, being a friend to Hans Glas, has given the car despite the relatively small wheelbase a quite nice appearance. Still unusual simplicity in Germany in the 60s.               Top of page               Index
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