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  Dacia Duster 2010

Dacia Duster
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Drive trainFront drive, transversal/all-wheel drive
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist beam/multi-link
Wheelbase2.673 mm
Turning circle10.440 mm
Wheels215/65 R 16
Brakes f/rDiscs/drums
Length4.315 mm
Width1.822/2.000 mm
Height1.625/1.695 mm
Tank capacity50 liter
Trunk volume min/max475/1.636 liter
PayloadFrom 470 kg
Kerb weight
Top speed
Year of manufacture2010 - 2013
Purchase priceFrom 11.990 Euro

One can, of course, boost the price with diesel engine, all wheel, metallic paint and leather interior but you can not get over 20.000 euros, what casts a positive light on the pricing. In daily workshop operation the Duster depths knows something more than heights, eg with the gearbox and other 'little things'.

All wheel can be activated manually or automatically ...

In principle, below 40 km/h it has all what a four wheel drive needs. Also the bodylift matches. As a compromise, the shorter ratio of the first gear must compensate the lack of low range gearing. Excessively complicated blocking devices are not on board. It will be interesting where it does not get through.

On the road, it takes revenge with a soft tuning that some motorists may regard as well for the long journey. That is not dangerous, after all, ESP is on board. Maybe you can assign this car with clear understeer tendencies rather the highway than the country road.

Already very old is the idea, with continued use of the technique of the parent group combined with still low wages in the east, to push the purchase price enormously. Also, some detail seems , which also hits the normal purchaser via the development costs, to be dispensable in our cars.

The cheapest is not always the most (price) favorable ...

The price of the Duster basic model climbs during its model life to 12,290 euros. The smaller diesel is 1,600 euros more expensive. Although it has 'only' 66 kW (90 HP) but is in everyday life with a third more torqueat 2000 rpm less rotational speed far superior to the petrol engine. Since this also affects the consumption especially at a SUV, the popularity of the petrol engine is actually explainable only still due to the price. Especially since only this version is to have in the meantime once again stripped down version Essentiel even for 10,460 euros. 09/13               Top of page               Index
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