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Dacia 1100
EngineIn- line four-cylinder
>Compression ratio8,5 : 1
Engine controlohv
Mixture preparationTwin carburetor
Torque83 Nm at 2800 rpm
Power33 kW (45 HP)
Battery12 V, 40 Ah
Drive trainRear engine, longitudinal
ClutchSingle disc, dry
TransmissionManual four-speed
SteeringGear rack
Wheelbase2.270 mm
Wheels145 x 380
Length3.995 mm
Width1.490 mm
Height1.410 mm
Tank capacity38 liter
Trunk volume min/max240 liter
Payload400 kg
Kerb weight4181 kg + driver
Top speed135 km/h
Year of manufacture1967

He was not originally destined for the licensed production in Romania. But since the remodeling of the factory is completed rather than the preparation of the new Renault 12, must be fallback to the Renault 8. He comes from the generation of the long built rear engines by Renault. There is even a successor model, the Renault 10, front and rear slightly longer. But in Pitesti, built the Renault 8, but with the larger engine.

There are basically only made changes to the lettering. Otherwise, the car runs like in France from the treadmill. Otherwise, the car runs like in France from the belt-conveyor. Actually, it's just a final assembly. After all, it remains in the program until 1972, with a slight facelift and the S version, which is also taken over by Renault. So you can still buy it even as a new car, even though the Dacia 1300 is also produced. Presumably, its chances are so good because there are waiting lists for the 1300. 08/13               Top of page               Index
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