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Borgward Lloyd Arabella

Borgward Lloyd Arabella
EngineFour-cylinder horizontally opposed
Displacement (bore*stroke)897 cm³ (69,0 mm * 60,0 mm)
Compression ratio
Engine controlohv
Valves2 per cylinder
Mixture preparationSingle carburetor
Power33 kW (45 HP) at 5300 rpm
Drivetrain designFront engine, longitudinal, front drive
ClutchSingle-disc, dry, automatic clutch (Saxomat - option)
TransmissionManual four speed
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionTransversal, longitudinal arms
Wheelbase2.200 mm
Turn radius9.900 mm
Wheels5.20 - 13
Length3.800 mm
Width1.510 mm
Height1.395 mm
Tank capacity35 liter
Kerb weight695 kg + driver
Maximum speed
Manufactured1959 - 1963
Purchase price4.985 DM

The company Lloyd belongs to the Borgward Group and after the war is very successful in producing small cars. It is assigned the first model for the upwardly mobile with the name 'Arabella'. There is already an Isabella, so that here is slowly recognizable a cross-company naming, although the name Isabella was born by chance.

Arabella with small vase of flowers like the Beetle ...

Yet to further models it will not come and if now the Arabella the whole, somewhat low liquidity group has drawn with into the depths or rather has ensured by its (too) late success, that in the end no creditors are left behind, we will not be able to clarify.

The car is surprisingly modern, especially under the sheet metal, because who will calculate for 1959 with the appearance of a four-cylinder water boxer engine as a front-wheel drive. This combination creates more by error. Borgward itself has assigned this model actually the drilled two-cylinder of the Lloyd Alexander, but can not convince in the larger car.

Only 22 months the development team of Lloyd has time, and so the pressing tools already are ordered, while the engine proves to be unsuitable. There is one at Goliath, the one could have offered with something less (than 1100 cm³), but then the engine room would have to be somewhat larger. So it is decided to a new construction.

It is a very nice engine, even at the time and in the vehicle class still unusual alloy cylinder heads. However, it drives up the costs. Also, a stronger transmission is due and its construction is proving to be a drawback. Even when it is too late replaced by one of ZF, it can never entirely satisfy. There are mechanics that should be in despair at the adjustment of the circuit.

Thus, the Arabella has a dazzling start in 1959 because of its modern form, but soon it comes no longer out of the headlines. It is already priced above the Export Beetle, there such errors may not happen. In addition also has become known anywhere the leakage of the body in the rain, which also required extensive post-processing.

In order to shorten, just before the end of the Borgward company the car is still so successful, that from the rest of parts new vehicles still arise until 1963. These have a more powerful engine and proudly wear the Borgward rhomb in the Borgward radiator grill. It is a pity that such a car had to disappear with the demise of the group, because compared with the VW Beetle or BMW 700 is ahead of its time. 10/11

At the end the body is leakproof and the circuit okay.               Top of page               Index
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