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Lloyd - small car of the 50s

Why it had actually such a bad reputation? Maybe because its name evokes associations of distinction, the product can not fulfill? 'Those who do not fear death, Lloyd drives' is not ideal to combine with a term of merchant shipping. Wherein the ridicule refers less on the two-stroke engine, but rather to the type of body manufacture. Thereby is not much to complain about its durability and certainly not in its price-performance ratio.

LP 300 with air-cooled 300 cc two-stroke engine: 3324, - DM

After the Second World War, steel is rationed and one remembers the wood construction. Thus, ash wood and the at that time unavoidable, today due to special grain not easy to replace synthetic leather, the ingredients for a quite practical and not too expensive car. And what is the saying of it: 'Leucoplast bomber' what recalls to injury and bandaging material.

Excessive force for the coating of Rulon (artificial leather)

To get straight to the point, it has recovered ever again from this loss of image. Almost every buyer of a Lloyd had to be open to allegations that he has saved in the wrong place money when buying a car, what was already a misdoing in Germany. Even later, when it is still with front drive, but now with steel-body and four-stroke engine more than equal the VW Beetle it can not achieve its validity.

1957: Lloyd Alexander 2-cyl. OHC Boxer, 18 kW (25 HP), 107 km/h

SStation wagon
KVan (light commercial vehicle)

1950LP 300, two-stroke, 7,5 kW (10 HP)
1952LTK 500
1953LP 400, two-stroke, 9,5 kW (13 HP), partially of steel
1955LP 600 - four-stroke, completely from steel               Top of page               Index
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