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Ganz neu ...

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2015 Clubman
2014 Five-door
2014 Mini
2014 Countryman
1959 Mini

Five-door Mini

Mixture preparationDirect injection
CO2 emission
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Transmissionsixgang manuell oder automatisch (option)
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearMultilink
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.566 mm
Turning circle11.270 mm
Wheels245/45 R 17
Length3.982 mm/4005 mm (Cooper SD)
Width1.727 mm
Height1.425 mm
Drag coefficient0,28
Tank capacity
Trunk volume min/max278/941 litres
Kerb weight
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Maximum speed
Purchase price

Newly added to the range: the Cooper SD

You would of course, be perfectly justified, if you were to argue, that there is already a five-door Mini, namely the Countryman. Indeed, somehow this doesn't seem to count, perhaps it's because it belongs to the previous generation, is not manufactured in Oxford and is not an SUV.

So, we'll stay with the 'normal', third generation Mini and we'll establish, that with 161 millimetres more length, it has now reached the boundary of four metres. The wheelbase has also been lengthened, indeed only by 72 millimetres. Now, the large rear-lights and the wide, jutting rear-view mirrors, seem to fit better.

No, for some time now, this one also has nothing to do with the original Mini, that would be pure nostalgia anyway. This one also doesn't have any special status among the younger drivers, it rather serves the middle-aged as a practical and reasonably priced car.

In this case, the new one is very different. Its list of optional extras is thus, that despite the considerably improved technology, the extras make it unlikely to come out on top in any comparative test. Indeed, compared with the old one, the image created by the manufacturer has become more and more important. They're praying every day, that the Mini is never seen as a normal motor car.

Thereby, there are a number of signs of this being the case. Now, the doors have been given frames for the windows and the rear seat back-rest can be folded down at a ratio of 60:40. The floor of the loading surface which is normally level, can be lowered and the back-rest can be made vertical. Like this, the luggage compartment offers 278 litres, 67 more than the two-door model.

Perhaps in the next generation, the new rear doors will open a little wider for a more comfortable entrance. Since basically, there is enough room in the rear. What has of course remained, are the engines, some of which have been completely renovated, the multiple customisation possibilities and of course, the, for the manufacturer, very lucrative assistants. On the other hand, the extra cost of € 900 for the larger car, has remained moderate. 09/14