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2015 Cabrio
2015 Clubman
2014 Five-door
2014 Mini
2014 Countryman

  Mini Clubman

Engine control
Mixture formationDirect injection
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Transmission6-speed manual/8 steps automatic
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionMultilink
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2760 mm
Length4.253 mm
Width1.800 mm
Height1.441 mm
Load volume360-1250 litres
Top speed
Purchase price
Year of manufactureFrom 2015
*Overboost: 230 Nm, **Overboost: 300 Nm

Who has seen something like this before? 'Spits' just simply its logo besides itself on the ground. As if the road belonged to it. And certainly this will have an effect and find imitators. But at least, this Mini will have been the first, the inventor, so to speak. At this point, an admission: One has felt frequently the first Mini as a cheekiness, approaching so forthright and fat an icon as the Mini from 1959, even if one has the naming rights. But one has also rarely so quickly get accustomed to such a boldness.

The interior already always exuded a certain fascination. How logical it is, 'to turn the fur inside' for the buyer of a nevertheless become quite high-priced car. Because while driving the owner notices more of this than from racy outer contours. The (relatively) small estate car form with the two rear doors seems to suit it best. Even the front view can convince now. The Mini has finally found its own line, emancipated itself from the icon.

Oh yes, the interior. It would be perfect would there not exist this angular thing, that must necessarily take place in the round in the middle. Chromed toggle switches and red start button, that looks really good. No handbrake lever interferes with the center console, everything is just dimensioned in a still acceptable size. Good, that was thought also practical in spite of the design, with large door pockets and still manageable keypad on the steering wheel.Just no van or SUV dimensions and rear yet almost the cosiness of Old English living room couch.

Though, completely without madness it could no be. One buys really much manageable with this car, despite considerable load volume. So why then one has to move the foot under the right half-height door, so that the opens by itself? Is the electric seat adjustment really not sufficient? By the way, take a look at the thickness of the doors and the protruding bumper, then you know how far one has moved away from the original. The BMW M1 on the same platform, certainly has to make efforts. 07/14