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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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History (short)

2015 Vision R
2015 MX5
2015 CX-3
2014 Mazda 2
2014 25 years MX5
2013 Mazda 3
2012 Mazda 6
2012 CX 5
2010 Mazda 2
2005 MX 5
2003 RX 8
2003 Mazda 3
1992 RX 7 Turbo
1989 MX 5
1978 RX 7
1972 RX 4

  Mazda Vision R

EngineRotary piston technology
DrivetrainFront engine, longitudinal, rear drive
Length4.389 mm
Width1.925 mm
Height1.160 mm
Wheels f/r245/40 R 20 (9,5") / 285/35 R 20 (11")

According to the German purity law, beer should contain only hops, malt, yeast and water. The situation is similar with a good design. It uses only the base material, which is to be found already on the car and contrasted it not necessarily by colour. Mazda designers is succeeded here an exciting mixture of the raw materials of the body, the windows, the lights and the wheels. Perhaps one has now the chance to guess what they mean with 'KODO'.

Here one follows really the trend of ever-increasing wheels. Above the front wheels only remains a hint of body. Similarly narrow it's above the radiator grille. The sheet metal ends as keen as a razor. Or is it about carbon fibre? Contrarily, the glass house is kept particularly small. It almost disappears compared to the understructure. Again such an element that builds up excitement. Practically the car will not be, but should probably not.

Nevertheless, it has a little bit of chrome.

A prototype with as little spring deflection can not go into series production actually. By the way, when looking at it a lot of sports cars come in mind, but somehow it surpasses them all with just acceptable boldness. And then the smart use of the latest technology! The daytime running lights seems to 'cut' itself through the edges of the engine hood. Presumably it is 'just' glued, but well done.

Even through the rear lamps a body part intersects. It is not really perceived as a (disturbing) spoiler, also does not reach quite up to the outer end of the lights. Instead, these form a piece of the spoiler. With the result that a very tiny indicator is possible there. Registration authorities will surely mess up this detail.

Incredible how you can shape sheet metal nowadays ...

And then these lateral surfaces. No beading, not even here. Instead, behind the front wheels begins a huge convex surface. It serves the slightly funnel-shaped lengthening of the upper air outlet. The whole runs over then in a concave bend. But you have to think the rear wheels. That's right, the car will have rear-wheel drive, as it should be for such a vehicle. There the emphasis of the rear wheels is just right.

But unfortunately there is still to regard a nevertheless important detail, that's the planned engine. It would not be the first time that a vehicle with Wankel engine with an excellent, almost decades up-to-date design would have had good market prospects, if a Wankel engine would not have been the only option. Meanwhile, Audi has apparently rejected it also as a Range Extender. But Mazda has linked therewith its company honour since 1961.

One should keep in mind that even otherwise not all is that 'SKYACTIV' as one would like to believe. The petrol engines, perhaps, but please, what's so special to the diesel engines? Only a even lower geometric compression than with all others does not make a celebrity engine. 10/15