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Mazda MX 5

Mazda MX 5
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement, Bore*stroke1598 cm³ (78 mm * 83,6 mm)
Compression ratio9,4 : 1
Engine control2 * DOHC
Mixture preparationMultipoint injection
Valves2 per cylinder
Torque134 Nm at 5000 rpm
Power81 kW (110 HP) at 6500 rpm
Drivetrain designFront engine, rear drive
TransmissionManual five-speed
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionLateral arms
Wheelbase2.265 mm
Wheels185/60 R 14 (5,5")
Length3.975 mm
Width1.680 mm
Height1.225 mm
Tank capacity50 liter
Payload215 kg
Kerb weight1035 kg + driver
ManufactureSince 1989

The sports car fan was quite flabbergasted. Finally, a new small sports car. Affordable and uncomplicated, relatively good roadster qualities. As he then on second glance look at the technical data, surprise again. He had expected a car with a front transverse engine or better still in the center, he now faces with a front engine and rear wheel drive. At the time quite unusual, yet still a point of attachment to the British roadster tradition.

Originally it was probably planned as a front-wheel drive and should even come with plastic body. It was fortunate, because with this complicated technology the unexpected demand would have been certainly not done. Now there are nearly a million MX 5. More than 100.000 of them were delivered to Germany. Measured against the expectations, the reality has increased tenfold.

Actually, 'sleep eyes' are already out beginning of the nineties. But well done, very highly mounted with reasonable additional lights for the flash lights. And the driving experience, with the old in fact even more better than with a newer one. The car is immensely handy and directly. You think to sit on the rear axle. And how to close a convertible top, just grip behind and then pull forward. No wonder that it is torn out of the hands of the Mazda dealers.               Top of page               Index
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