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2016 Kalina
2013 Taiga 4x4
2012 Granta
2007 1117
2006 1119
2005 1118
2000 111
2000 110
1984 Samara
1973 2103
1971 2101

  Lada Kalina

EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement (bore* stroke)1596 cm³ (82,0 mm * 75,6 mm)
Compression ratio10,5 : 1
Engine controlOHC
Mixture formationMultipoint
Torque140 Nm at 3800 rpm
Performance64 kW (87 HP) at 5100 rpm
CO2-emission149 g/km
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Wheelbase2.476 mm
Turning circle11.000 mm
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearTwist-beam axle
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakesDisks, ventilated/drums, ABS, ESP
Wheels175/65 R 14 (5,5") - 185/55 R 15 (6")
Length3.893/4.084 mm
Width1.700 mm
Height1.500/1504-1538 mm
Tank capacity50 litres
Luggage compartment240-550/335-670 litres
Payload430-460 kg
Kerb weight1.080-1.110/1.100-1.130 kg incl. driver
Top speed169 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 6.950/7.750 Euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2012

Panorama sight around the complete interior

She has a hard time, the Kalina. Actually she looks appealing and it's all on board what you need and also what the EU requires, such as ESP and tire pressure monitoring. At first glance, and in view of the purchase price, there would be little to say against the car, was not there the Dacia Sandero as a troublesome competitor.

The is still 100 euros cheaper and may also do many things better. Nominally it has the smaller engine, but with hardly deviating performance and just developed significantly. Although the entry-level engine is truly a hero of fuel saving, the Lada again has the disadvantage of exact 19 g/km CO2 more.

Also spending more money has significant effect for a Dacia, because while there are really modern engines on offer, there is at Lada under the heading 'Sport' only a corresponding version of the Kalina, whose engine with more power, two overhead camshafts, but still poorer CO2 levels is available.

Since you can not have it as basic model, you have to pay hefty 2,000 euros more and only this engine is available in the Cross version, practically a higher positioned wagon version, as you can easily see st the pictures above. One need not be a fan of SUVs in order to give the Dacia Duster for barely more money much better chances.

Waiver only helps in the case of Dacia. For example the Lada air conditioning is available for 500 euros plus an extended warranty, while it would cost 1,500 euros at Dacia. Since Renault has invested in AvtoVAZ 25 percent, maybe there is hope that they there learn to understand the marketing of (Western) Europe better. 02/16