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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler (2007)
EngineIn-line four-/six-cylinder
Displacement2429/3960 cm³
Bore * stroke98,4 * 81/86,4 mm
Compression9,1/8,7 : 1
Engine controlOHC
Rated speed210/305 Nm at 4200/2700/min
Performance112/148 kW (152/201 HP)
Rated speed5200/min
DrivetrainFront engine, longitudinal with all-wheel drive
TransmissionSix speed/five speed automatic
Wheelbase2370 mm
SuspensionRigid axles, coil springs, trailing links, Panhard rods, stabilizers
Brakes f/rDiscs (internally ventilated)/ drums
Tyres f/r215/75 - 15
Length3880 mm
Width1740 mm
Height1820 mm
Tank capacity72 litre
Kerb weight1515/1565 kg
Max. trailer weight3500 kg
Top speedApprox. 170 km/h
ManufacturedFrom 1987
CO2 value227 - 282 g/km
VariantUnlimited: four-door with longer wheelbase

It is considered the only real successor to the 'American Legend'. All other Jeep products differ more from the original design. But what does it represents? There are the reinforced ladder frame, two rigid axles and one from the front engine coming powertrain for front and rear axle.

Just this concept should be retained. For military use it may make sense, but for normal use? This is exactly what try the brochures, in order to sell the Wrangler, to give an answer. It's pure nature, on which the Jeep is projected. In broadband and remembering cinemascope. As so one could conquer nature. To this the elevations grow slowly, stones, for which a ever so slowly creep SUV must have giant wheels.

How to develop further such a 'legend'? In any case carefully, which is meant especially for the front with the seven vertical slots. Otherwise one get for little money the convertible version, because the strong frame makes a contributing to the reinforcement roof unnecessary. The changes to the body can be denoted as a cosmetic matter. There the spare wheel moved from the back side to the rear and there are sometimes no doors, then half, or with window- and also with door frame. In between, there is a series with a lot of displays scattered all over the dashboard.

The rigid axles in the chassis are now (2007) furnished with coil springs and steering control. The wheel is now switchable while driving. Shall remain as the biggest step in development: the modifications of the engine, which changes from the SV- to OHC -engine and provides two and a half times as much power as in the early years. This is complemented by a six-cylinder, which opens for the Jeep another domain of this type of vehicles, to say the great coaches. It will be interesting when also a diesel engine arrives.

Jeep Wrangler (1989)
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement2464 cm³
Bore * stroke98,4 * 81,4 mm
Compression9,2 : 1
Engine controlOHV
Mixture formationCentral injection
De-toxificationThree-way catalyst
Torque172 Nm at 3000 rpm
Performance76 kW (103 HP)
Rated speed5000 rpm
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal with all-wheel drive
TransmissionFive-speed, distributor gearing, off-road reduction gear
Wheelbase2373 mm
SteeringRecirculating ball
SuspensionRigid axles, leaf springs, Panhard rods, stabilizer
Brakes f/rDiscs (internally ventilated)/drums
Parking brakeParking pedal
Tyres f/r215/75 R 15 (7"), optional 225/75 R 15
Length3900 mm
Width1740 mm
Height1760/1829 mm
Tank capacity76 litre
Luggage compartment354/1512 litre
Kerb weight1370 - 1480 kg
Max. trailer weight1000 kg
Top speedApprox. 145 km/h
Construction periodFrom 1987
Elektric12 V/55 Ah/56 A               Top of page               Index
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