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US-Jeep in Military Design


He is a child of the Second World War, designed and built in 1940 in a hurry for the U.S. Army. His name was later a collective term for a large group of vehicles. An information on the all-wheel drive Jeep you find here, but with four- instead of three speed gearbox.

Willys Overland Jeep
EngineFour-stroke spark-ignition engine
Boreca. 79 mm
Strokeca. 111 mm
Number of cylinders4
Displacement2199 cm³
Compression6,5 : 1
ConsumptionMore than
10 liter/100km
Tank capacity57 liter
Performance44 kW (60 HP)
at 3600 rpm
Power train3 gears, all-wheel
2./3. synchronized
Length3,36 m
Wheel baseApprox. 2 m
Width1,75 m
Heightca. 1,77 m
Kerb weightApprox. 1000 kg
Pay loadApprox. 400 kg
Top speedMore than 100 km/h               Top of page               Index
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