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Austin 7

Austin 7
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement, bore*stroke748 cm³ (56,0 mm * 76,0 mm)
Engine controlSv
Mixture preparationSingle carburetor
CoolingLiquid, thermosynphon
Power7,5 kW (10,5 HP) at 2400 rpm
Drivetrain designFront engine, rear drive
Clutch/Single disc, dry
TransmissionManual three speed, unsynchronized
Front suspensionRigid axle, leaf spring, transversal
Rear suspensionSwing axle, leaf springs, longitudinal
Brakes f/rDrums
Wheelbase1.900 mm
Wheels26 x 3
Length269 mm
Width1170 mm
Height1600 mm
Tank capacity15 Liter
Kerb weight650 kg + driver
Maximum speed75 km/h
Years of manufacture1922 - 1939
Purchase price165 pound

Copied by Daihatsu

He is the forefather of many successors. One could describe him as a European Ford T-model. It comes at a time when especially Europe economically holding its breath. The First World War is over, the Austin plants were developed, due to the war economy, to a huge company with 21.000 employees.

But now it's over. Germany lost the war and because of the reparations to be paid is hit at the worst, but Britain also suffers. Good conjunction may occur apparently only in the cooperation of states. For a long time after the war will hardly afford someone an expensive car.

t takes a little while, before the actual needs reached the heads of the engineers and the top of the company. Herbert Austin, the director of the same company had, by false model policy almost lost everything. At the last moment, he may in principle even do not enter his company, he developes a plan for a small car.

He constructs together with Stanley Edge, a talented draftsman from the company, from September of 1921 until the end of 1922 a small car, which really take essential components of large cars and leave out the rest simply. He is just so large, that with the claims of that time a family with two children fit inside.

In the field of brakes, it surpasses even some large, because they can also be found on the front axle. Although these are separated served by hand, but because they are present once, it is later easily possible to change to a four-wheel foot brake. At least there are enough license holders, of which Austin can learn then in turn.

Yes, this is really surprising. Although the car is initially smiled at, he celebrates later on not only huge successes, but also find severallicense holders. One can say without exaggeration, that both the company BMW (Dixi) and Jaguar (Swallow), the establishment of its car production thanks the taking of license respectively body equipment of the Ausin Seven.

Besides arise in France Rosengart and American Austin as a licensee for the USA. Like the Model T, the original due to the mass production is even cheaper, although it is equipped larger, more powerful and with more details such as an electric starter.

Crucial to the huge success as a 'people's car' is probably the large number of class wins in major races also. Always the car industry has focused on racing successes. Especially with such a frail-looking vehicle, it is for the consumer (with little money) important, that it is also reliable. And races are a good indicator. 11/10               Top of page               Index
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