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Austin - Short story

1866Herbert Austin born
1882After completion of primary school and college Austin emigrated to his uncle to Australia, there manager of a factory
1887Marriage in Melbourne, 3 children
1893Returned to England, working at Wolseley
1900First four-wheel motor vehicle with horizontal one-cylinder
1900First win in a competition
1901Manager at Wolseley
1905Resignation at Wolseley, own plant in Longbridge
1906First Phaeton with 18 kW (25 HP)
1913Austin trucks
1914Beginning of World War I, nationalization, war production
1918End of World War I, company has grown enormously, but now little work. Production Austin 20
1921Austin Twelve
1922Austin Seven will famous and helped out of the crisis
1925Enlargement of the factory
1932Herbert Austin will Baron
1938New Director Leonard Lord
19398 and 10 HP version of the Austin Seven, the outbreak of World War I, War Production
1941Lord Austin died
1945End of World War II
1946One million Austin built
1951A 30 presented
1952British Motor Corporation
1953Two million Austin, A 40
1959Austin Mini (Issigonis)
1963Austin's version of the Morris 1100
1966BMC -> British Motor Holding
1970Austin 1800
1973Austin Allegro
1980Mini Metro
1984Austin Montego
1986Company sold to British Aerospace

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