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AC Cobra

TypCobra 289Cobra 427
EngineV eight-cylinder (90)
Displacement4.727 cm7.010 cm
Bore * stroke101,6 * 72,9 mm107,7 * 96,62 mm
Compression ratio11 : 1
Torque627 Nm - 2800 rpm
Performance206 kW (280 HP)
at 5700 rpm
301 kW (410 HP)
at 5600 rpm
Engine controlohv
Mixture preparationHolleyCarter
TransmissionFour-speed (Borg Warner)
Triangle wishbone
transverse leaf spring
Triangle wishbone
coil spring
Wheelbase2290 mm
Wheels185 R 158.15 x 15
BodyTubular steel frame with aluminum sheet
Length3,84 m
Width1,55 m
Height1,24 m
Brakes f/rDiscs
Kerb weightApprox. 1050 kg
Maximum speedApprox. 240 km/hApprox. 270 km/h
Manufactured1962-691965 - 69

Continuous development has helped the car to exceptional power to weight ratio. Except after the company AC, the Cobra is also named after the racer Carroll Shelby, the after a rather eventful professional life for the first time wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959. In 1966 he is involved in the victory of the Ford GT 40 there and he finally provides Cobra after engines of 63 kW (85 hp) to 125 kW (170 HP) the first Ford V8.

The popularity probably results from the combination of an English roadster with very powerful American engines and the then following racing successes, including a fourth-place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The sales success has its limits, even through difficulties in production. Over the years to be built less than 1000.               Top of page               Index
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