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Tyre (speedlimits)

195/60 R 15   82 H

  Speed  Explanation
F 80 km/hA letter in the tyre code encodes the maximum speed of a tyre. Thereby, the table has been expanded downwards from the earlier for 180 km/h valid letter 'S' (speed). Upwards was more difficult because the letters 'H' (High speed) were pre-defined for 210 km/h maximum and 'V' (Very High speed) for speeds of more than 210 km/h. Moreover, the table had to be extended due to the speed increase of standard cars.

Mud-snow-tyres can not always reach these high speeds. Nevertheless, they may be mounted if an appropriate marker is placed in view of the driver.
G 90 km/h
J100 km/h
K110 km/h
L120 km/h
M130 km/h
N140 km/h
P150 km/h
Q160 km/h
R170 km/h
S180 km/h
T190 km/h
H210 km/h
V240 km/h
W270 km/h
Y300 km/h
ZR>240 km/h               Top of page               Index
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