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Motorcycle 1

This is by far not the first company history, which we report. Slowly drop one on the similarities. Triumph belongs to the category of the companies that have started with the production of bicycles, such as eg Opel and Wanderer. Important difference is that this form of transportation has its origin in the United Kingdom , which is probably due to the roughly 50 years earlier incipient industrial revolution.

Second commonality typically affects British companies for motorized locomotion. There is the early company formation in Coventry. Although this is only an English medium-sized town, but somehow also a magnetfor producers of (car) mobile products, of course then yet bicycle industry. Not particularly favorable during wartime, why looking at the city today the large-area rebuilding can be seen after bombing in the Second World War.

But Germany is not only involved in destructions, also the founder of Triumph is a German. Siegfried Bettmann founded in 1885 the import/export company from the will be, not only for the motorcycle construction, the world famous brand Triumph already a year later. The companies on the continent have in fact initially imported complete bicycles and many bicycle parts and just screwed together.

Meanwhile, the penny-farthing has long since been overtaken by the secure low bicycle, thanks to the chain drive. Surprisingly, however, Germans are further than the British by the invention of fast-running internal combustion engines the also have to expect with even greater restrictions when using an internal combustion engine. Initially at Triumph will developed in the direction tricycle. However, the result is as first series product a bicycle with an auxiliary motor in 1902.

Typical of the time, the air-cooled engine with lateral valves, of which only the outlet is controlled by ohv. The bicycle frame is reinforced indeed, but otherwise have remained relatively unchanged. Even the treadle remained indeed not quite at its place, however urgent needed to start in mountainous terrain and to come home at lack of fuel.

No, the first engines are still purchased by external companies, but since 1907, Triumph manufactures them itself and lays the foundation for the later fame of the brand. Compared with competitors, the chassis is not bad. Very early the suspension on the front wheel fork and rear at least the saddle will more shock-independent.

The 2.5 bhp of around 300 cm displacement you can put up to 1 percent surcharge with PS equal, which then results in exactly 1.86 kW (2.53 hp). The good quality of the company is one element to success. The first own engine with a little more displacement and 3 HP comes in 1905. There is even as an option to the battery ignition a magneto ignition. Then, the further development two years later. Now we are already at nearly 500 cm . 12/13

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