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  Morris - Short story

About half of the cars produced in the UK in the 30s comes from Morris ...

1912William Richard Morris founded the William Richard Morris Motors
1913Morris-Bullnose, two seater, 1018 cm³
1914Coupe version of Bullnose two seater
1915Morris Cowley, first four seater, 1,5 liter
1919WRM-Motors -> Morris Motors Ltd
1926Biullnose -> Flatnose
1928Oxford Six
1929 Morris Minor, 847 cm³
1930Oxford Six, Isis, Twenty Five Six
1931-35Morris Major
1934Oxford Sixteen/Twenty
1935Morris Eight (hp)
1937Morris Eight II
1938Series M Ten/Twelve
1948Oxford MO, 160.000 until 1954
1952British Motor Corporation
1954Oxford II, 1.489 cm³
1956Oxford III
1956Oxford Commercial
1957Oxford IV
1959Oxford V
1959Mini is available both as Austin and as Morris
1961Minor was the first British car produced 1 million times.
1961-71Oxford VI, produced more than 200.000
1962Morris 1.100
1964Mini Cooper, first 997 cm³, later 1.275 cm³
1966Morris 1.800
1967Morris 1.300
1974End of Mini production
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