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  Top model Maybach

Mercedes Maybach Typ 57
EngineV-twelve-cylinder (60°)
Displacement5513 cm³
Bore * stroke82,0/87,0 mm
Compression9,0 : 1
Engine control3 valves per cylinder
Torque900 Nm at
2300 - 3000 rpm
Performance405 kW (550 HP)
Rated speed5250 rpm
TransmissionSix-speed automatic
Drivetrain designFront engine with rear drive
Length5730/6170 mm
Payload2735/2855 kg
0 - 100 km/hApprox. 5 s
Top speed250 km/h
Year of manufacture2003
OptionFour-wheel drive

What exactly is the difference between the S-Class and the Maybach? Sure, even the 'short' Maybach 57 is with 5.70 m longer almost half a meter as the long version of the S-Class. The Maybach 62 is added once more half a meter and you have first-class interior with opportunity to rest.

At engine and undercarriage, the differences are much smaller. Thus, the now long ago restored S-Class is based on the four- instead of the three-valve twelve-cylinder. Air suspension with all the extras, however, is present in both. So really remains only the possible, even more individual to determine equipment, and later even with automatic fragrance.

Of course, you had to find at the focused price difference another name for the giant baby. Maybach sounds at first glance, also quite plausible. And if you once compare the technology to the first twelve-cylinder of the then independent company, there already fits some when taking into account the time difference.

But historically seen Wilhelm Maybach e.g. is not always loved and accepted by the Daimler Motor Company. Thereby the would have had every reason for this because it owes him probably even its existence. It is also now still not clear who had more share in the construction of the first fast-running four-stroke engine, Gottlieb Daimler or Wilhelm Maybach.

Very, very much, Maybach has done with certainty for the success of Mercedes vehicles. Most of the achievements for the improvement and reasonably safe going faster of this cars are due to him. Nevertheless, there is no thanks, on the contrary. Today we would call it mobbing, the Board of Management makes with him and already in 1907 leads to the desired result.

Maybach goes to the Lake Constance and since then works together with Count Zeppelin, the building very famous airships at that time. So he founds with his son Karl, first an engine and later a car factory. The vehicles produced here, are generally regarded as higher classed and higher priced as the Daimler-Benz. Thus one now benefits from the fame that one could not achieve at that time.

In 2009, there is even a special edition model 'Zeppelin' that integrates the until 1938 successful airship construction. It has the same six-liter twin-turbo with 471 kW (640 hp) as before the 57S. It is available as a short-and long version each with 100 pieces. Thus the maximum torque climbs to 1,000 Nm, the price to 406.000 respectively 473.000 € + 19% VAT.

Maybach DS
EngineV-twelve-cylinder (60°)
Displacement7922 cm³
Bore * stroke92 * 100 mm
Compression6,3 : 1
CylinderGG, wet
CrankshaftMounted eightfold
Engine controlOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
CoolingPumps circulation
Power147 kW (200 HP)
Rated speed3200 rpm
TypeFront engine with rear drive
ClutchTwo discs, dry
TransmissionFour-drive, overdrive
Wheelbase3735 mm
SuspensionRigid axles, hydraulic shock absorbers
Spring system frontLeaf springs
Brakes frontDiscs
Wheels f/r7 x 20 / 7,5 x 20
Body4 door, limousine
Length3735 mm
Width1900 mm
Fuel tank capacity135 liter
Payload1680 kg
WeightApprox. 2800 kg
Max. speedApprox. 160 km/h
Year of construction1938               Top of page               Index
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