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Chevrolet Corvette

EngineV eight-cylinder
Displacement7011 cm³
Bore * stroke104,8 * 101,6 mm
Compression11,1 : 1
Torque637 Nm at 4800 rpm
Performance377 kW (512 HP)
Rated speed6300 rpm
Drive trainFront (mid-mounted) engine with rear drive
TransmissionSix speed
Front suspensionWishbone transverse arms, hydraulic damper
Rear suspensionTransverse arms, transverse leaf springs
SteeringSteering rack, hydraulic, servo
Brakes f/rDiscs, internal ventilated, ABS, ESP
Tyres275/35 R 18 Z (9,5")/ 325/40 R 19 Z (12")
Tank capacityApprox. 69 liters
PayloadApprox. 210 kg
Basic weightApprox. 1420 kg incl. driver
Max. SpeedApprox. 320 km/h
ManufacturedSince 2005

Constantly developed, this is especially true for the engine, which still has only one camshaft. However, this overhead valve design rotates almost 7000 rpm. Despite the seemingly unchanged construction a lot of titanium is built-in, particularly in moving parts. The rear axle is still noteworthy, the now no longer applies to leaf springs made of plastic. But the way how these are installed here as elastical wishbones is very unusual.

Not only that, the Corvette is GM's fastest production car, it is also by far the best on the road. It even makes furore in Europe, Ferrari beats in the speed and cost the half. So who is looking for a sports car with the by far fairest price and refuses to make compromises in terms of technology and is able to do without the interior flair of the big, wide world, the is actually right here. However, one had already to do without a manual transmission occasionally.               Top of page               Index
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