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1993 GTS 1000
1992 TZ 250 D
1984 FJ 1200
1982 XJ 900
1982 XJ 650 Turbo Seca
1980 250 XT
1968 DT 1

  Yamaha Virago XV 125/250


1851Yamaha Torakusu born
1871Yamaha learns precision mechanics in Nagasaki
1875He is trained in the manufacture of medical equipment.
1884With Kawai Kisaburo he opens a workshop in Hamamatsu (organ building).
1887It will be the first harmonium.
1895Yamaha organs are exported.
1897Yamaha summarizes other companies together under the umbrella of 'Nippon Gakki'.
1916Torakusu Yamaha died.
1941During World War II Yamaha manufactures munitions and other military equipment.
1946Yamaha again built after the Second World War musical instruments.
1950Genichi Kawamaki joins the company and is trying to develop new business areas.
1955YA-1 as successful copy of a DKW motorcycle produced by the 'Yamaha Motor Company' and marketed.
1956YD-1 as a replica of an Adler-two-cylinder.
1960The boat and scooter sector is extended, subsidiary in USA.
1961YA-5, Single cylinder engine with rotary valve control
1963YDS-3, Two-stroke engine with fresh oil pump
1964Brand champion 250 cm³
1966Subsidiary in Germany, racing machine TD-1B
1968DT-1, a kind of first Enduro
1969XS-1, air-cooled two-stroke twin (SOHC) with 650cm³ and two cylinders
1972TX 750, four valves/cyl. and balance shafts
1973Victory in the Motocross World Championships (250 cm³), RD 250 with diaphragm control, TX 500 with DOHC
1974Winning the Motorcycle Grand Prix
1976XT 500 single cylinder Enduro
1978Cruiser XS 650 Spezial
1979Victory of Paris-Dakar rally, racing machine TZ 500
1980RD 250 LC liquid-cooled, four-cylinder XJ 650, cardan shaft drive, despite slightly
1982XZ 550, XJ 650 with turbocharger
1983XT 600 Ténéré with plenty of comfort and a large tank
1984XJ 600 sportive, racing model RD 500
1985FZ 750, first five-valve engine, heavy-weight Vmax
1987Last two stroke OW-01, first Supersport FZR 1000
1988XV 535 with V-engine
1990Big, bullish FJ 1200 A
1991TDM, a motorbike for all occasions
1993GTS 1000 with Ackermann steering
1998FZS 600 Fazer, Supersport-YZF-R1
1999Motocross-WM, Supercruiser Wild Star
2000Tmax 500
2001FJR 1300
2004Winning the Motorcycle Grand Prix

Yamaha XV 125/250

Displacement124/248 cm³
Bore/stroke41/47 / 49/66 mm
Compression10,2/10,0 : 1
ValvetrainSOHC per cylinder
Mixture preparation1 dual carburetor
Performance8,4 / 12,5/15,4 kW
(11,4 / 17/21 hp)
Rated speed8000 rpm
Tank capacity9,5 liter
Type of engineFront engine with rear drive
ClutchMulti-disc oil bath
GearboxFive-speed - claws
Secondary driveChain
Brake f/rDisc/drum
Top speedApprox. 106/- km/h
Year of construction1988

Yamaha four-cylinder