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  Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento 2015
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)2199 cm³ (85,4 mm * 96,0 mm)
Compression ratio16,0 : 1
ChargingVTG charger
Engine controlDOHC
Torque441 Nm at 1750-2750 rpm
Performance147 kW (200 HP) at 3800 rpm
Drive trainFront drive transversal, all-wheel drive permanent (optional)
Transmission6-speed/6-speed (converter automatic)
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionMultilink
Wheels235/65 R 17 (7") -
235/55 R 19 (7,5")
Wheelbase2.780 mm
Turning circle11.100 mm
Length4.780 mm
Width1.890/- mm
Height1.745 mm
Drag coefficient0,33
Tank capacity71 litres
Load volume660/1.732 litres
Kerb weight 2WD
Top speed200 km/h
Purchase price
Year of manufactureFrom 2015

You may soon no longer count the various facelifts. The latest Sorento is recognizable to the obliquely cut fields for the fog lamps. However, with 8 cm more wheelbase and 10 cm more length, it's justly a new generation now. At the same time the car has become lower by 6 cm. With slightly increased performance and decreased drag coefficient this results in 10 km/h higher top speed.

Full-size spare wheel rear under the car floor

The manufacturer claims that there is even more head height in the passengers compartment now. The car makes a good impression despite the much reprimanded plastic processing lately. The floor is flat and space for a seat bench rear is also available, at least with safety air bags and own speakers. But it still looks despite new grill rather solid than extravagant, needs some styling therefore in order to meet the name of the Italian coastal town (but with two 'r').

Only for exclusive off-road use the car will probably not bought. The long wheelbase with not sufficient ground clearance is in the way. However, it can withstand deep lakes up to 45 cm. No, the domain of the Sorento is the journey with a lot of luggage and/or large family. For the seven-seater the payload has been increased again. The chassis still remains on the comfortable side. 01/15

Tailgate opens without awkward contortions