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  Rental Cars - USA 2

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Of course, the Impala put a spanner in the works. For quite a while it had the habit of losing air in the right hand rear wheel, which was regularly indicated. The rectification of the problem however, is more complicated than in Germany, because in the USA checking the tyre pressure is seen as a luxury extra which you have to pay for.

After noticing that I had come to terms with the pressure-control, the car probably got angry. It's display then said that it needed an oil-change. With that, after about half our planned distance, our common future was over. I returned the car, indeed, I'm not sure whether the agency understood my information about the defective tyre correctly or if the information was even passed on.

This time they caught us out, because a smaller model was, by all means available. However, in return, we would have had to donate an oil-change for a V-6. That's why we settled for a relatively badly finished Saturn, with pure Opel technology under the bonnet. Unfortunately, because of the mushy automatic, it was not really economical.

Only one liter less consumption than the previous, over long distances, carefully driven Chevrolet was possible, which wasn't all that bad, with the fuel prices rising all the time. There are, by no means, uniform fuel prices in the USA, and in Canada, which we were now passing through, it's even more expensive.

Of course, the loss of comfort is noticable, but that's the way it is, if you gamble, you must also be prepared to lose. Nonetheles, with none of the three cars we had, did we have a breakdown. Yes, you read correctly, there were three. Shortly before the end of our long tour, in the middle of New York, somebody smashed the window of the c-pillar.

What did he manage to steal, in those few seconds? My old laptop with it's worn out touch-pad and without the second hard-disc (we had it with us). He must have smelt the computer because it couldn't be seen. Our efforts to make report to the police of this theft is a story in itself.

The reaction, when we called by at the rental agency, was interesting. The employee who was disguised as as an officer, simply wrote down 'broken windows', and that was that. I'm not even sure whether or not our complimentary insurance came into play. At, least, after that, we had the choice between two 'new cars', this time, a small and (somewhat) sporty Pontiac.

Others may have differing opinions, but if we need a rental car for longer distances in the USA, in this respect we're quite confident. Meanwhile, the car rental companies have joined with hotel chains. There are partially compact cars available already for 50 euros per day with unlimited mileage. If you extrapolate that, then would have cost this car instead of 1,000 euros only 1,250 euros with the former, favourable exchange rate is taken into account. 12/14               Top of page               Index
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