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Who enthuses only about napoleonic straight streets, the forgets, that actually the Romans are the founder of the road and bridge constructions with distance informations, post- and rest areas in Europe. Of course, this has had strategic reasons, but at least you knew already sprung carriages. To this seem to belong huge ports and almost indestructible water pipes (aqueducts) for that time. Also with the construction of multi-storey houses with a kind of concrete ceiling, drain system and underfloor heating one was ahead of its time.

With the unit it's over since the end of the Roman Empire. Italy always still crumbles in separate regions. This applies e.g. also for the variety of cuisine, consisting only of pizza and pasta in any way. The latter gives it more as a starter, then follow meat and fish of course with side dishes. The cheese board afterwards the Italian has in common with the French, as at all, the regions are also somewhat influenced by the neighboring countries. After all, large parts of northern Italy once belonged to Austria-Hungary.

The Italians has already become a little more European. Although they can not quite hide her temper, but are perhaps not quite as theatrical, but become more sober. Perhaps also the economic north-south approximation is making progress someday. Then the road construction could also remember the golden times and build on this. The intensely road construction promoted by Europe applies just rather for the trunk road network.

So probably belongs also the night raid on motorists in the south of the Republic slow of the past. Caution is advisable in this regard, but nevertheless. Can be fleeced downright, who cheerfully is traveling from the north through the country, with some barely perceptible scenic differences between Switzerland and Italy. If you violate here the posted speed for example which regulation does not necessarily have to be clear, can shrink the holiday budget sensitive. There are already people have begun the return journey on this occasion. 07/13               Top of page               Index
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