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  Italy 2

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In public, Italians especially catch the eye by their good clothes, almost more than the French. Both countries are famous for their fashion, France, maybe a little more. However, Milan and Florence (Guzzi) have a name in fashion. In any case, the difference with Germany is noticeable also in the new century. Wherein the different average temperatures suggest rather the opposite.

And then the road traffic. A certain degree of nonchalance is shown in dealing with traffic rules. How can this be just reconciled with the much stricter punishment? Probably the detection rate is lower. Anyone who has ever experienced, as scooter riders you meet almost on its own track in more than incalculable curves, the Italians must attest at least strong nerves. Racing has a great tradition in Italy, if you think of Monza, Imola and the Mille Miglia.

Thereby ethnic communities, the e.g. the culinary arts emphasize as the Italians, still are actually viewed as more cozy. Football, politics and cuisine as the main topics not necessarily be close to youthful impetuosity. After all, seems to have been born there, the street café, or at least the ice cream parlor. It has long been tradition that older men were sitting on the piazza, even without something to consume.

It is said that even the basics of music from Italy, e.g. its textualization. And think of the opera, the days of the young Mozart it seemed be almost unattainable. Even his operas first appear in Italian. The music of Italy experienced early blossoming already at times of Vivaldi. One sees oneself as the guardian of the music from the first centuries of Modern Times.

To travel in Italy, is considered expensive. Sometimes wrongly, you have to prepare just fine. However, you should not accept absolutely inflated prices for mediocre hotels. The have arisen, because Italy is just considered as a travel destination par excellence. Who combined so many cultural attractions with plenty of coast and almost always good weather? And almost always take with a little of the sunny nature of the country when returning.

You notice necessarily no longer at the Italians that they are descendants of one of the largest empires of the ancient world, extending from Africa to Scotland. Probably that explains the richness of cultural heritage. Less well known may be that Italy, despite earlier intensive combustion of wood still has great natural parks with dense forests. Italy to capture as whole, is probably impossible. 07/13

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