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  France 6

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I had this really good thought up. No more trying to drive directly to the Expo site but at the very beginning, even before the periphery highway begins to rent a room. This is easily accessible so that you can drive with the subway without having to change more than 25 stations from one end of town to the other, with ten tickets for € 1.26 a piece.

The stories seemed to me very believable that you wait at Gare du Nord longer for a taxi than you need with the subway, to reach your destination. In general, a taxi in a congested city, makes this sense? Speaking of jammed streets, my plan did not work out. Because there is traffic jam around Paris in the morning even before reaching the periphery.

That does not leave much of the wonderful gained, low traveling time. Stop and go, seemingly normal and actually probably not worth mentioning. Not so in France. For when the nightmare is finally over, a simple junction turns out to be the cause at the end of the highway and on the transverse driving motorists insist on their right to occupy these and straight on nobody let pass through.

I guess now quite simply, in Germany had the excessive indignation here result in a certain sense and might even have been advantageous. But the Frenchman who wants straight on looks (due to the standstill) for minutes in the face of the "malefactor" and remains calm. Would they be able to talk to each other, 'Pardon' would be the right keyword.

This is however not used as an excuse by promising not to do it again, no, it used as the Catholic Church's confession. The permits namely with regard to the in any case possible, subsequently whitewashing the planning of all possible misdeeds. So also in Feance. You can see exactly he/she will tomorrow again jam the junction.

As a consequence, for maybe a little too much laissez-faire, there is the likewise not squeamish authority. One needs only to compare the powers of the French President with a German Chancellor. Hours later, the intersection is regulated by three "flics". This then has already similarity with Prussian military exercises. Whistle and strict commands, nobody protests, and this in the 21st century. 09/12               Top of page               Index
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