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The problem is that also others think like the French the others should adjust to them. Certainly, also many German think so. Nevertheless these are just pub talks. Spreads such an opinion in other nations or religions, nowadays this ends in violence easily.

Al Qaeda seems to be only the spearhead. Apparently in many young Muslims slumber rage. Even last year, France had a problem with burning suburbs. There was probably not quite unconcerned , the youth unemployment with around 22 percent. In addition, climate and dealing with each other are in the suburbs just so completely different from top of the image.

And probably because France is bordered to the south to the Mediterranean Sea, it has a problem with Algeria. This was the oldest colony and the War of Independence one of the cruelest of all. It lasted from 1954 to 1962, was waged with great hardness by both sides and is symptomatic for the power of the military at that time.

There are in this war, Muslim fighters in the French army against the insurgents in Algeria. They risk their lives, are disarmed at the end of the war and are defenseless against the revenge. Some manage to escape to France. But there they live up to 20 years in camps and are despised by the French.

Amazing that relatively relaxed relation to the rights of the French. After all, Marine Le Pen can unite next to Sarkozy and Hollande almost 18 percent of the vote in 2012. Is that another bad sign for France or is it the will to protest of the many malcontents. What is the difference between French and German rights?

The larger cities of the South are considered only limited safe. Women dare not alone on the street in the evening. Youth gangs have definitive too much power. It is above all also the many illegal immigrants who make problems here. There is increasing conflict between legal and illegal.

Of all this the country between realize not so much. France is almost twice as large as Germany and has 15 million fewer inhabitants. There remains much room and landscape. A little of the idyll should give the picture above. It is taken more nearby of Provins, but is actually not to make geographically. 07/12

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