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  Germany 3

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You may be surprised that being a German site we make our country the subject of an article, but now we have more foreign visitors than German ones, for example over 25 per cent from North America. They could be interested in our not quite uncritical view on our country. After all, our motor vehicle industry is among the most respected in the world.

So I accuse my fellow countrymen of a certain belligerence. How can I prove it? Well, there is probably hardly any other country on this earth where people have so much stress with their neighbours. The courts can hardly keep up with the work, they have even incorporated non-judicial authorities, but it does not help. Obviously, there is always something that annoys us in our neighbours. Perhaps here things have come full circle and it means that the German loves his home even more than his car.

Speaking of neighbours. Our federal state neighbours would have almost said "no" to the reunification. Too great was the fear that Germany might again become the most powerful state in Central Europe. Since Napoleon, there were no less than four armed conflicts between us and the French, the worst being the war of attrition of 1914-1918. Who started it, this is really unimportant. We bombed also England in the Second World War. In the First one, we had the idea, to wrest the world power status from this country.

Crazy. In total, Germany spent only 57 years under the rule of basically two emperors. But they were enough to bring the country to a certain peak and then to send it with enough arrogance on the road to perdition. Again, crazy, the main contributory survived and lived another good 20 years in exile in Holland. Elsewhere, like for example in France or Russia, the last monarchs and their families did not get off so cheaply.

This is a beautiful country. Let us have a brief glance at the 19th century. German was the main language of science. By a hair, the Americans would today speak German instead of English. One envied us because of our poets and thinkers. Many important inventions came from here, not only in the field of the automobile. Much of it was lost because of the mentioned arrogance. And, above all, economic drop was a fertile soil for a certain Mr. Hitler, to build up his misanthropic system.

No, war is perhaps the last thing that could originate again in this country. The descriptions of wartime are too haunting, the atrocities not only against the Jews are too unbearable. A sure preventer of war is certainly the good life that most people live here. Health in this country is of great value, and with the above-average provision of most doctors this value is probably one of the highest in the world. We are not just fundamentally against war, we also would have too much to lose.

The wealth, however, causes us also a lot of trouble. For years, it looked like our high-wage country could not continue its export efforts with previous success. Then, it came to significant and certainly not uncritically regarded changes in the labour market. Suddenly, many permanent jobs are threatened by temporary ones. It is over for all those comfortable positions that were beyond the attention of the company management.

For quite some time now in Germany, no one can be sure of getting a stable job after successfully graduating from college. Everyone has to fight for his job. The pressure, even increased by the globalization, is passed on to the personnel. Later, they will call it the wage restraint and they will highlight its beneficial impact on the export. The wages are really sinking, the share of temporary workers is growing, but overall, the unemployment rates decrease significantly.

Since 2008, during the crisis, the additional advantage of government support, for example for temporary work, has become pleasantly apparent. The enterprises do not need to dismiss their employees and to search for new ones afterwards. However, despite having two or even three jobs, some people still must avail themselves of government support. Because the wages sink partially into this direction, the incentive is sometimes too small to pursue a regular job. 10/12

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