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If any further proof needed for the differentness of China should look at the Peking Opera. Required 2,000 euros for a box seat, it sounds to Western ears, very loud and absolutely strange. The faces are rouged accordingly the character of the acting person and every hand movement must be done perfectly. Make-up and put on the masks take up to two hours. Many a piece of music is composed of just five different tones.

China is not a democracy but the question is interesting, how Chinese imagine a desirable democracy. Of course there is not "the Chinese". One must distinguish between occupationally successful and well earning people in the coastal regions, simple, from the country 'fled' workers there and remained rural population.

It is surprising that problems certainly can be addressed also publicly at the local level, despite one-party dominion, in contrast to the ban on demonstrations in Beijing. The party secretary or the factory director is responsible locally. Even if the success does not often, here may be well unleashed fury against eg corruption and expressed the call for change.

However, this protest may not be directed against the political system. But at the same time this system is so far off from ordinary citizens that arises here less the desire for democracy. One inherently would wish to be able to elect local managers in exchange, But the ten-year change of power and the associated, rather smaller modifications one takes indeed true rather on television.

In the same medium one sees then at the same time also to the west, where rise, e.g. in Europe, in part considerable protests against the current government and is perhaps less enthusiastic thereof. One can suspect that as long the economic growth eg compensates the rural exodus and even there, the incomes of the rural population are always adapted slightly the political leadership can be relatively confident.

Although the rural population assumes not adequately to participate in the growing wealth of the country, for the country of China the looks still optimistic in the future. Interesting is also the opinion of the young people, acting not particularly intimidated by the political pressure. They think more social but also more conservative than their peers in the West, are more adapted and can still talk surprisingly open, despite strict censorship in the country. 09/12               Top of page               Index
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