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History of scienctists

Especially in the Middle Ages, but even a long time later, scientists were more universal scholars. Therefore, only the theories and inventions mentioned to be related to the automotive technology in a certain relation.

287-212Mechanics of levers and pulleys, calculation of a circle, specific gravity, surfaces and volume calculation, hydraulic machines, statistics Archimedes
1564-1642Pendulum, law of falling bodies, inclined plane-> mechanical investigationsGalilei, Galileo
1580-1626Refraction of beams of light while crossing from one medium into anothervan Roijen Snell, Willebrord
1596-1650Measures and energy are preserved, math. bases for circuits, analytic geometry Descartes, René
1620-1684Behaviour of liquids and gases, height pressureMariotte, Edme
1627-1691Pressure and volume of gases, ideal gases, air pump, law of falling bodies, chemical mixture/connectionBoyle, Robert
1629-1695number of a circle , optics, lenses, theory of the light waves, mechanics, impact lawsHuygens, Christiaan
1632-1662Pressure of liquids / gases, hydrodynamics/-statik, mechanical calculating machine, probability calculus Pascal, Blaise
1635-1703Air pump, elasticity, universal jointHooke, Robert
1642-1727Basic laws of the mechanics, gravitation, laws of motion, refraction of light/reflexion/colourNewton, Isaac
1646-1716Electric loading by frictionLeibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm
1663-1729Piston vapour pump for mine ground waterNewcomen, Thomas
1706-1790Electricity, electric load Franklin, Benjamin
1731-1810Water from hydrogen combustion, carbon dioxide and hydrogen-> gases, attraction (gravity)Cavendish, Henry
1736-1806Static friction, friction in liquids, electrostatic chargede Coulomb, Charles Auguste
1736-1819Development of the steam engine to more efficiency and ready to go into mass productionWatt, James
1737-1798Electro-chemical cells (Galvanic elements)Galvani, Luigi
1743-1794Order of the chemical elements, oxygen, oxidation, dimension preservationde Lavoisier, Antoine Laurant
1745-1827Galvanic element (battery), plate condenserVolta, Alessandro
1766-1844Nuclear theory and chemistry, pressures of gas mixturesDalton, John
1771-1833High-pressure steam engines on wheels, locomotiveTrevithick, Richard
1775-1836Electromagnetism, electric-dynamic theory, tension, current (direction)Ampère, André Marie
1776-1856Affinity, nuclear number in the same gas volumes consistentAvogadro, Amadeo
1777-1851Magnetic field strength, aluminiumØrsted, Hans Christian
1778-1829Decomposition substances by current, new elementsDavy, Humphry
1778-1829Running machine as a precursor of the bicycleDrais, Karl
1789-1845Current and tension in the electric conductorOhm, Georg Simon
1791-1867Induction law, E engine, cage of Faraday, rustproof steelFaraday, Michael
1792-1871Programmable mechanical computers, automatic machinesBabbage, Charles
1797-1878Electromagnetic induction, electricity, telegraphHenry, Joseph
1804-1865Electromagnetic induction, resistance dependent on temperatureLenz, Heinrich Friedrich Emil
1814-1878The first principle, heat and combustion processesvon Mayer, Julius Robert
1816-1892Telegraphy, dynamo, road lighting, tram, liftvon Siemens, Werner
1818-1889Heat as a form of energy and its influence on circuitsJoule, James
1821-1894Preservation of the energy, homogeneous magnetic fieldvon Helmholtz, Herman
1831-1879Electromagnetic shafts, magnetic fieldsMaxwell, James Clerk
1834-1900Car development, internal combustion engines in vehiclesDaimler, Gottlieb
1842-1934Refrigeration engineering with effect on the invention of the diesel processCarl von Linde
1834-1907Periodic system of the elements, atomic weights, qualities Mendelejew, Dimitri Iwanowitsch
1838-1916Supersonic speedMach, Ernst
1844-19292 and four-stroke engines, car developmentBenz, Carl-Friedrich
1847-1922Operational phone, linguistic technology for deaf-mute personsBell, Graham
1847-1931Telegraphy, recording and storage of soundsEdison, Thomas
1850-1918Cathode ray tube (oscilloscope, television)Braun, Ferdinand
1856-1943Alternator, alternating current engine, radio, remote controlTesla, Nikola
1857-1894Radio waves, frequencyHertz, Heinrich
1857-1935Wind tunnel, drives in the vacuous spaceZiolkowski, Konstantin
1858-1913Engine with compression ignitionDiesel, Rudolf
1858-1947Quantum theoryPlanck, Max
1859-1906Conductivity of crystalsCurie, Pierre
1860-1929Tabulating machine Hollerith, Herman
1867-1934RadioactivityCurie, Marie
1868-1951Bohr-Sommerfeld Atom model Sommerfeld, Arnold
1871-1937Atom is not indivisibleRutherford, Ernest
1874-1937Radio signal's distancesMarconi, Guglielmo
1879-1955New space time thinkingEinstein, Albert
1882-1945Liquid fuel for rocketsGoddard, Robert
1885-Basis of modern nuclear theoryBohr, Niels
1889-1982Picture tube of the televisionZworykin, Wladimir Kosmitsch
1901-1976Quantum mechanics Heisenberg, Werner
1907-1996Jet propulsion for airplanesWhittle, Frank
1908-1991Transistor, superconduction Bardeen, John
1927-Production of laser lightMaiman, Theodore
1922-2001Quantum electronics, laser-> amplifier, oscillatorsBassow, Nikolai
*1915Quantum-elektronics, laser -> amplifier, oscillatorsTownes, Charles Hard               Top of page               Index
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