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History of Electrical Engineering

The first cable in the automobile had the terminal designation 1 and was long time a signal transducer for the ignition. With the development of the internal combustion engine electric motors served as vehicle engines, a development which is also planned for the future. Thus the history of the electrical engineering is connected with the development of the automobile.

1752 Lightning protector (Franklin, I)
1800 Simple galvanic battery (Volta, I)
1801 Warming up of current conductor (de Thenard)
1808 Arc lamp in operation (Davy, GB)
1820 Magnetic effect of electrical current (Christian Oestedt, D), theory of the interaction of transducers with current (Ampere, F)
1821 Thermoelectrical effects (Seebeck, D)
1826 Ohm rules (Georg Simon Ohm, D)
1832 Development of the telegraphy
1834 Rules of Lenz (electromagnetism), thermoelectrical effect 2 (Peltier, F)
1835 Electrical light (Bowman, GB)
1841 Light bulb, carbon powder, platin, vacuum (patent, de Moleyns, GB)
1845 Light bulb, carbon stick (Wellington Starr, US)
1851 Fire alarm (Siemens, D)
1854 Carbon fibre lamp (Göbel, D)
1857 Tube light, weak light (Geißler, D)
1860 Light bulb, filament from carbonised paper (Swan, GB)
1861 Development of the phone
1865 Electromagnetic light spreading (Maxwell)
1866 Operating, 9000 t heavy Transatlantic wire (Field, GB)
1872 Light bulb, carbon filament, (Patent, Nikolayevich, RUS)
1876 Carbon microphone (granules) (Edison, US), basis of the telephone
1877 Phonograph (Edison), commercial utilization of the telegraph (US)
1878 Patent on light bulb (Swan, GB)
1880 Carbon filament light, socket (base patent, Edison, US), pull-/pressure-effect on crystals and their charge - Piezo effect (Curie, F)
1881 Generator, driven by steam engine (Edison, US)
1882 Direct current-power plant (Edison, New York)
1883 Induction engine with alternating current (Tessla, F)
1885 Glowing gas light (Auer, A)
1888 Radio set, electromagnetic waves (Hertz, D)
1889 Electrical chair (Kemmler, Westinghouse, US)
1890 Counting of the people per Hollerith (US)
1891 Kinematograph (Edison, US)
1893 Radio (Tessla, US), film studio (Edison, US)
1895 Niagara-power plant (Westinghouse, Tessla), Tessla-coil, film (US), cinema show with kinematograph (brothers Lumiere, Paris)
1896 Telegraphical spark gap
1897 Cathode ray tube, base for TV
1898 Metalfilamentlight (Patent, Auer, D)
1900 Quant (Planck, D), metalfilamentlight (von Welsbach, D)
1901 Mercury-vapour-lamp (Cooper-Hewitt), telegraphy-wire between GB and Kapstadt (South Africa)
1902 Patent colour TV
1903 Theory of relativity (Einstein, CH)
1904 Iron-nickel-accumulator, elektrical piano, patent radar system (D)
1906 OSRAM, amplifier-technology (von Lieben, D), vacuum cleaner
1907 Electron tube (de Forest, US)
1908 Battery operated car light; ´wanted´ circular per radio picture (France, GB)
1910 Neon tube (Paris, F)
1911 Divided atoms (Rutherford, GB), Supra wire (wire almost without resistance)
1913 Atom model (Niels Bohr, DK), self oscillating amplifier circuit (Meißner, D), light bulbs with wolfram wire-technology (as today); solar energy with parabol mirrors
1915 Record player
1916 Electrons on eliptical orbits (Sommerfeld, D)
1917 Cinema in Technicolor (US)
1920 Experiments with wireless telephon (France), first radio transmission show
1922 Radio picture across the Atlantic; US-technicians introduce car radio
1925 Math for Quantum mechanics (Heisenberg, D), TV broadcast, small picture camera
1926 Traffic light (Berlin), current operated lawnmower (GB)
1927 Quartz clock(US)
1928 Sound film, TV in shop (US)
1931 Electron microscope (D); TV broadcast (GB, Derby von Epsom Downs)
1933 Telex machine (Siemens, D)
1934 Camera, broadcast, TV (Farnsworth, US)
1935 Tape recorder (AEG, D), public picture telephone (US)
1936 Flourescent lamp (Osram, D), printed circuits, canons with radar
1941 Electromechanical computer with program (Zuse, Germany)
1946 Local mobile telephon (St. Louis, US)
1947 Transistor, base for electronics (Bardeen, US)
1948 Synchronised flashlight (Fischer, D)
1951 Nuclear power, first colour TV broadcast (US)
1956 Commercial nuclear power plant (GB)
1954 Transistor radio introduced (US), solar cell (Bell Labs, US),
1952 Public TV in Germany
1960 American physician builds first Laser
1962 LED in function
1964 High speed train (160 km/h) between Tokio and Osaka, Plasma-screen technology
1965 Power failure causes half-day blackout (North east US)
1966 Telephone via fiber optics wire (US)
1967 Tidal power plant with 240 megawatt (St. Malo, France)
1969 Start computer wiring, forerunner Internet
1970 LC-display (Sharp, J), Assuan-dam in Egypt
1978 Magnetically levitated vehicle with up to 337 km/h (Japan), german glas fibre wire
1980 Compact fluorescent lamp (Philips, NL)
1981 Large solar power plant (1 megawatt) in Sicilie
1983 Large wind power generator ”Growian” in Germany
1984 Commercial TV in Germany
1986 Tschernobyl (Sowjet-union)
1990 Air-emmision rules - introduction of electro cars (California, US)
1991 Largest power plant in the world (dam between Brasil and Paraguay) 12800 megawatt
1993 Plasma-colour screen (Fujitsu, J)
1994 Daimler-Benz introduces prototype with fuel cell-drive
1996 German wind energy with 2875 megawatt largest in world               Top of page               Index
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