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Moto Guzzi History

Of three who had a plan, two remain after the tragic plane crash of the one. There are the mechanic engineer Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi, the son of an entrepreneur with more interest for the Commercial. Their ambition, shortly after the end of World War II to develop the bike to a truly drivable machine.

Carlo Guzzi also was a pilot, like his deceased friend. Thus, the flying eagle with broad wings will be the hallmark of the new company. It's not easy getting a loan from Parodi's father, but of course, especially the post-war period is always favorable for the sale of motorcycles. In addition, the pre-war machines are anything but easy to ride.

In the picture above you can see the 'Normale' from 1924, the first motorcycle in series of Moto Guzzi, as the company is called after Giorgio Parodi has waived his name part. The Normale is made with the typical chrome-plated flywheel since 1921, rotating directly next to the left foot. It takes the vibrations of the power unit, ensures smoother running.

6 kW (8 hp) seem very little for the present time but is more than Harley-Davidson provides with its single-cylinder models at that time. With 80 km/h, one is also fast enough on the streets of time and compared with the four-wheeled traffic partners. Because of the bad gasoline is just not possible to have more than 4:1 compression. After all, the consumption stays within limits with about 3.5 l/100km.

However, still be lost about 0.3 l/100km oil while driving. Because there is an oil tank from which oil passes into the crankcase by hand pump, where it is thrown forward by the special direction of rotation of the crankshaft and partly burned with in the combustion chamber and comes into the environment. Technical standard at that time. Not so much with the Normale above, because it already has a return flow pump.

Incidentally, the engine of the first prototype still looked completely different. There was a upright shaft drive with four valves. It builds the bridge of the aircraft engine technology from Guzzis military time to the numerous racing victories still before and especially after the Second World War. Bore and stroke are still to be found until the seventies at the series 500.

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