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Land Rover

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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Cabrio


Rover Range Rover Evoque
EnginesIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
ChargingTurbo charger
CO2 emissions
TransmissionSix-speed manual, automatic six-speed
Drive train
Wheelbase2.660 mm
BrakesDisks, front ventilated
Turning circle11.300 mm (wheels)
Length4.370 mm
Width1.985 mm
Height1.609 mm
Luggage compartmentApprox. 250 litres
Tank capacity
Kerb weight
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom 51,200 euros
ManufacturedFrom 2016

Who would have thought that from the prototype shown in Geneva once, a series would arise. Sure, almost all SUVs with tradition started as an open version covered with a tarpaulin. But these were vehicles with ladder frames. In our today's weight-optimized, self-supporting bodies, the thing looks different. There are necessary already some reinforcements before one may omit the roof simply.

Furthermore, one offers passengers even also protection by automatic roll-over bars. Here then shrinks the available space even of such a really large car and in the luggage compartment remain about 250 litres volume. Perhaps comforts indeed the ski pass-through to the middle of the rear seats. After all, the car is available from 51,200 euros , apart from numerous extras. Even now can be seen that the reason will be parked at the manufacturer in front of the loading door and the convertible will build on the success of the Evoque.

But one has used the chance of the presentation of the new model to enlarge the central display. Even the operable by touch latest systems for infotainment and assistance are on board. The roof works even while driving. However, when looking through the interior rearview mirror, one is reminded of the times when the roof still rested upon and not in the body. To the Evoque belongs just beside to the back becoming flatter roof also an ascending line of the lower window edge, the convertible has adopted. 12/15