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The Bentley Motors Ltd. was founded in the year 1919. But the date only marks the appointment when the the first prototype was completed by Walter Owen Bentley and his design engineer Burgess. The company earned money with the sale of cars not until two years later, the were designed very specifically to customer requirements. From now on four-cylinder engines with 3 to more than 6 liters and later appropriate six-cylinder engines have been developed and built-in into elegant but relatively conventional cars. Already the middle engine of the four-cylinder series made it to 74 kW (100 HP). The cars received a good reputation due to reliability and its drive, a mixture of elasticity and performance capabilities, yet significantly increased in a few vehicles by compressor. Also, the various racing successes helped with the sale, but never flushed more money than necessary to the checkout.

The wagons were processed excellently. Similarly to Rolls Royce there was a hood ornament, in this case a flying "B". By the way the logo was to be found at various places in the car. The time shortly after the stock market collapse of 1929 is not wrongly called the Great Depression. It made problems all car manufacturers. So also the company Bentley, which went bankrupt in 1931 and with some opaque procedure changes over to Rolls Royce. Actually, this has always been the main competitor of Walter Owen Bentley. Before and shortly after the Second World War was still preserved a certain independence, but which was sacrificed in favour of more and more similarity with RR models. The acceptance of the Bentley brand became always less until there was a sale to the Volkswagen Group in 1998. Today, the factory is run by the former head of Audi, maybe a recipe for success?

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