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Video Comfort

Video Noise 1
Video Noise 2
Video Car-Sound 1
Video Car-Sound 2
Video First car-radios
Video Central Locking 1
Video Handsfree Entry/Drive
Video Drawing Assistance
Video Debarred
Video Electr. Window Lifter
Video Luggage compart. front

Video Heating - Air Cond.
Video Air Conditioning 1
Video Air Conditioning 2
Video Air Conditioning 3
Video Air Conditioning 4
Video Air Conditioning 5
Video Air Conditioning 6
Video Air Conditioning 7
Video Air Conditioning 8
Video Air Conditioning 9
Video Air Conditioning Test
Video No Do-it-yourself
Video Expansion valve (AC)
Video Climatic Wind Tunnel

Video Auxilliary Heating 1
Video Auxilliary Heating 2
Video Auxilliary Heating 3
Video Auxilliary Heating 4
Video Seat-Heating

Video Digital Technology
Video Trip Computer 1
Video Trip Computer 2
Video Navigation Systems
Video LCD-Displays
Video Data Compression
Video Electr. Distance Contr.
Video Parking Brake
Video Hydr. Power Steering
Video Electr. Acceler. Pedal
Video Minivan
Video Convertable

Video Comfort - Interior 1
Video Comfort - Interior 2

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- electr. seat adjustment
- memory function
- lumbar support
- reclining driver seat
- interior light
- display partly off
- adjustable delay
- lock systems
- radio remote control
- access without key
- loading ramps
- cargo
- automatic locking
- autom. reflecting fade-out
- setting with memory
- change of the shade
- autom. light turning on
- rain sensor
- steering wheel keys
- windscreen
- change of the shade
- of electronic wipers
- constant tyre pressure check
- 200 km with flat tyre
- tyre filling without loss of air
- sliding-/lifting roof
- autom. ventilation function
- panorama roof
- compressed CD pleasure
- video on call
- television in front / rear
- different climate zones in the car
- seat ventilation
- adjustable seat hardness
- removable trailer coupling
- swivelling trailer coupling
- swivelling with engine
- autom. range of light

- bend light
- lighting byroads
- stoplight after brake pressure
- light
functional check

- autom. light intercalation
- parking help
- distance radar
- lane check

Because for the manufacturers sales are their top priority, there are, actually, hardly any comfort extras. If they are named safety extras, they sell much better. Now it is definitely possible to group a lot of the abovementioned functions also under safety, yet not all of them... 05/08               Top of page               Index
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