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  Great Britain 3

On top of the pictures are to see parts of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the view from there of the River Thames close to London. The centre point of the telescope in the observatory is the reference for the determination of the zero meridian, and hence all degrees of longitude around the earth.

The thing with the automotive industry might actually miscarried at the end in the UK, otherwise BMW (Mini) and Volkswagen (Bentley) would not manage factories in England. It would be interesting to ask how it was possible to come so far. The beginnings were certainly promising.

It must always be mentioned the industrial revolution, which starts here 50 years earlier than on the continent. Initially however, the conditions for the car are conceivable unfavorable. After a number of vehicles based on the the locomotive, the so-called 'Red Flag Act' came in 1865, the prescribed additionally two companions in the car a third, the at least 55 meters must be running in front with a red flag, of course, at night with a lantern.

The law that was relatively quickly eased back in 1896, represents for an observer the stab in the development of new vehicles, while others argue that the British car industry had already been late, thus hardly been hindered. After all, from the German perspective there are insofar joyful news, because it is just the British Daimler branch exerting massive pressure on the almost headless become Daimler Motor Company in 1895, thus achieving the return of Daimler and Maybach.

But how it goes further with England's own car production? Daimler produced the first British car in 1897. Following extremely talented pioneers like the brothers Lancaster, inventing also straightway the disc brake. More importantly for the future is the return of Herbert Austin from Australia and separation of Wolseley and the Company Formation of William Richard Morris. In addition, perhaps Napier and Rover are still to mention and a city in the center of England and the automotive industry, namely Coventry.

One has to concede the British in spite of all conservatism that they have done a lot for the technological progress of the automobile. In addition to the early disc brakes will already developed overhead camshafts, gearboxes directly connected to the engine, like to use light metal, even for cylinder blocks. Since 1903 there are in the UK number plates and car taxes.

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