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Drop-center Rim


All the other types of rims are more or less a thing of the past, whether it concerns the three-part triplex rim or the flat-base rim with removable rim-edge. Ever since tyres have been, almost exclusively, mounted by machines, Motorcycles, cars and trucks have a uniform construction. From the costs, safety and wheel-weight aspect, it seems to be the most sensible solution.


For the illustration of the drop-center rim we have selected a particularly nice example from the motorcycle field. As always, the problem to be solved is, to mount the tyre on the wheel-rim so that it doesn't fall off again by itself. Thereby, it must be pressed in on one side with the bead in the deep bed so that the other bead can be levered over the rim-edge. This is the only way it can be mounted onto a one-piece wheel-rim. Even the particularly sporty, multi-part, light alloy rims have a drop-center. Their rim-bowl is bolted together and both parts are sealed together in the production.

The beads of the tubeless tyres are pressed onto the slighty slanting seat in the direction of the rim-edge. Once it has overcome the rim-hump, mostly with a loud bang, it is securely seated and can only be removed with the help of hydraulics/pneumatics.

By the way

As a rule, tyres with an inner tube are still required for the wheel-rim shown above. 05/10

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